Founders & Presiding Officers

Maria’Z Hope Foundation, Inc. was founded by Maria Zuccala-Burke’s sister, Rita Mahoney, and two of her good friends, Ellen Kurzrok and Lisa Loretz. These three women have extensive volunteer experience in community and health related charities. Each has played an integral role in the fundraising efforts that enabled Maria to receive alternative treatments for cancer. They have witnessed Maria’s journey first hand; it is her improvement that inspired them to create Maria’Z Hope Foundation, Inc.

In September 2014, Ellen Kurzrok left the foundation. Ellen provided medical direction, patient/client knowledge as a practicing nurse, accounting and treasury skills that were instrumental to our success in establishing this foundation. We thank her for her many accomplishments within the Maria'Z Hope Foundation. Late 2016, Lisa Loretz stepped down as secretary to focus on the health needs of her family. She is still actively involved in the foundation.

November 2014 brought two new members to the foundation. Gina Zuccala-Robbins joined as Vice President and Liz Egan as Treasurer. Each brings a unique set of skills to help our charity grow even larger.

January 2017 brings a new member to our foundation. Dianne Hummel has volunteered to be our Secretary. We welcome her organization skills, thereby increasing productivity and efficiency for us all.

We look forward to the new year with a spirit of hope and health to you all.