A little history of our previous fundraising efforts
by Rita Mahoney, President

In 2010 many of you helped me raise over $45,000 to send my sister Maria Zuccala-Burke for an alternative treatment that was not covered by insurance in Reno, Nevada. When she came back from that treatment her overall quality of life was amazing. It was all thanks to you! My feeling is everyone should have a choice in their treatment. As we all know, insurance companies don't always agree with that philosophy.

In 2013 & 2014, I worked with two of Maria's friends, Ellen Kurzrok and Lisa Loretz, to create this amazing foundation to give people the help they need when seeking alternative health treatments. Ellen provided medical direction, patient/client knowledge as a practicing nurse and her accounting and treasury skills were instrumental in our success in establishing this foundation. We thank her for her many accomplishments within the MariaZHope Foundation.

The year 2015 brings us to a new chapter in our charity. Maria's 2 sisters, Gina Robbins-Zuccala, and Liz Egan have joined the foundation to continue to help people gain access to alternative treatments for chronic, life threatening illnesses. Most complementary treatments are not covered under traditional health insurance plans.

Our goal is to provide emotional, financial, and educational support for individuals living with a life threatening illness who seek alternative treatments not covered by traditional health plans.

We can help individuals find a complementary modality to provide comfort as well as provide financial assistance in order to receive care. If this improves their quality of life for just one day, it makes it all worthwhile.